RT @AmyMek: WARNING! This is NOT in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Egypt, but in SHARIA Britain! Britain has ARRESTED Politicians @JaydaBF & @G…
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@missmagamia AMEN😁😁😁
51 hours ago
RT @missmagamia: May I never forget, on my good days, that I need God just as desperately as I do on my very bad days.
51 hours ago
@MsAvaArmstrong That's cute, to many things are taken out of context, and it is deceiving to morals of gender. When…
3 days ago
RT @Dawn2334Dawn: Lets look at what DEMONS, RINOS & MUSLIMS WANT
4 days ago
@jen4trump1 @Kimberlee373 Amen
8 days ago
@LoriWill213 @POTUS Amen
8 days ago
RT @eavesdropann: AMEN! Trump Just Took The Stage To Remind America That Christmas Is About Jesus Christ
9 days ago
RT @EversFam: Merry Christmas #TrumpTrain - it’s been a GREAT year and the best is yet to come - God bless ❤️💪🏽🙏🏽🎄🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸🎄🙏🏽💪🏽❤️ .@realDonal…
9 days ago
@Trump__Girl Hey last year my heart went down to 12% but God made me fight. They still never investigated her other…
12 days ago
RT @TrumpNewsz: "French President Fed up, Tells Muslim Immigrant: “Go Back to Your Country”"
15 days ago
@ToscaAusten @mashable I guess they haven't read far enough that God sees all.
17 days ago
RT @southern4MAGA: WTH?...So now the Church is OK with abortion? 🤔 I guess I’m not really surprised since they already protect Pedopliles!…
18 days ago
RT @realPolitiDiva: Breaking my foot has taught me a few lessons: patience, humility, and appreciation for my health among them. I couldn’t…
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RT @AmyMek: 🚨 Follow Japan @POTUS 🚨 Japanese PM tells UN to shove it, will NOT take in any Muslim ‘Refugees’ #…
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RT @Sissy_USMC: ❤❤❤RED FRIDAY❤❤❤ ❤Remember All Deployed❤ ❤Until They All Come Home❤ ❤God Bless Our Military❤ #RedFriday…
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@DcDeplorable To all Trumpsters Happy thanksgiving God Bless you all.
22 days ago
@USArmy @ElisaMichaels @101stAASLTDIV @washingtonpost Our prayers are with our military men and women, God Bless you all.
22 days ago
RT @sassysassyred: This is year I am most grateful for my family. Had aunts & cousins that survived a hurricane. Had an aunt skip church. (…
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RT @MEL2AUSA: A hero with a gun prevents a woman from being raped on Austin trail. Thank God for good guys with guns. #HERO #2A 🔫 https://t…
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