I have 2 answer 2 GOD. I have the pressure. A angel walked in my room as I tweeted 2 Zionist. I have so many I have… https://t.co/SBotT81TDT
56 hours ago
All this last hour talk is why I begged GOD NO PLEASE. But if u don't change. Learn lessons . There no point.
14 days ago
A PROPHET & SHAMAN like no other .what else u expect from ENKI.
15 days ago
Not just LUCIFER. His son SATAN & OLD DEMONS. Now is there change 2 give in 2 GOD. Now YOUR CHANGE . Don't ever say… https://t.co/kJ0oe684Qe
17 days ago
I'm sorry TG. Please Forgive me. U knowing I want nothing less then best for U your Golden. The best complement I can give. GOD BLESS.
18 days ago
In no way shape or form am I blaming GOD. Humanity did this.
18 days ago
Disscredit me nobody can. They already did with UFO stuff. & Proof. In not seeking ok Erik your right. My authorization is with GOD
19 days ago
Don't quote me words of Jesus. I'm not speaking for him. I just know all Brotherhood of all ( non human) want peace… https://t.co/OLDLtnTfxp
23 days ago
THE PROPHET 20/20. https://t.co/vtf68E2W3z
23 days ago
I forget 2 mention. He was flipping pages while I decided 2 stop & point finger on bible. My 3rd time . He said . H… https://t.co/Jrp1nOre0n
25 days ago
The Servant said not my Lord ENKI, she said my GOD, but Im too humble to be called that anymore. So I changed her word .
2 months, 3 days ago
When one helps Humanity in any form. Your providing service 2 GOD. When one gives out knowledge your providing serv… https://t.co/9piQMSuIdN
2 months, 5 days ago
The old paridym can't work moving forward.We all know this in our heart. U can't go on covering up with chess moves… https://t.co/9KmBTc2Asf
2 months, 16 days ago
Ok LUCIFER no one needs 2 know our business, but u know this is how I communicate with you.I want U realize that th… https://t.co/qKl12HBuv3
2 months, 24 days ago
Some people's have painting or photos worth hundred of millions of dollars. I got photos of GOD & GODLY BEINGS & DE… https://t.co/vOhus7jgIZ
3 months, 12 days ago
I am king Kong. I've been sprayed. Poisoned. Assassin's attempts, cell phone tape,house tape, tv taped . everything… https://t.co/FohJnTeroT
4 months, 13 days ago
Happy Veterans Day.Those that are active & those of the past. Thank- You for your Service 2 our Country. GOD BLESS 🙏
5 months, 0 days ago
I Am ENKI have always been fair with everyone, but I try 2 educate towards light, with Lucifer my goal was 2 bring… https://t.co/ee64xNYj1w
5 months, 1 days ago
https://t.co/51j9FAU2hW YAHWEH -ENLIL knew Noah flood coming .
5 months, 19 days ago
My true bodyguards are the elites GOD & his forces. LORD VISHNU. LORD SHIVA. I can't describe my LOVE for them.
5 months, 29 days ago