All those rello guts y’all dump on the ground better be glad God made it rain
55 hours ago
King of Kings the great I Am he is a mighty God
2 days ago
RT @ALWAYSHONEST10: Most people who have money are selfish individuals who worship said money over God. It's an addiction that ultimately l…
3 days ago
Only God can judge me. And he say that I’m not a sinner.
3 days ago
How is it that God has not left us alone but left us with a detailed account of history dating from the beginning o…
3 days ago
Jesus came to give us life and peace
4 days ago
What do I want more than God himself? Nothing.
9 days ago
It’s probably because I listen to gospel music all day everyday
11 days ago
Why should God carry you away to spend an eternity with him if you don’t even like him? Yea, because you proved it…
12 days ago
I don’t want a form of godliness. I want God.
13 days ago
God is so humble and Holy he not going to come to you, His character is a bit much and you won’t understand him bec…
13 days ago
That is why they say Jesus lives because he does in all of us
13 days ago
All of GOD’S promises are YES and AMEN
14 days ago
I want what God has for me hallelujah it’s coming
14 days ago
His vigor was leaving him and therefore his God was leaving him. Then he hung his head and died.
14 days ago
I love this. the fight is with myself I’m Fighting to not give up on something that I want, but I have got to let i…
15 days ago
@KarkundiLar Praise God I love you bro
15 days ago
Let God drive the boat
17 days ago
I realize that I won’t get everything that I want that’s why I don’t press for things once I feel some push back be…
32 days ago
God provides
42 days ago