@BellaMarieCt1 @NBCNews @SierraClub I’m not an Osteen follower by any means, but his church was UN the flood zone,… https://t.co/ru8klR5vyX
3 months, 22 days ago
@patsajak Just pray to a God that the remaining .04% is not Elizabeth Warren’s bloodline.
4 months, 5 days ago
RT @HighlandsAL: Still thinking about Pastor @jeremyfoster's message from #FirstWednesday this month! 🤯💯 If you're needing a reminder of ho…
5 months, 7 days ago
Ultra-liberal double standard alert: One universal health care law that doesn’t work, democrats applaud it as gos… https://t.co/wWMMlq7w3L
1 year ago