RT @OnlineMagazin: 🆘‼️😬🔥 #Netherlands: raging Muslim (Palestinian Flag) smashes the windows of a JEWISH restaurant with a baseball bat unde…
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RT @CollinRugg: I guarantee if it was a Muslim baker who denied making a cake for a gay wedding instead of a Christian one, Dems would have…
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RT @danmsnyder: Most Muslims aren’t banned. However here’s a list of all the Muslim countries that ban Israeli Jews: Syria Iran Iraq Yemen…
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RT @JamesDMurphy5: @josephmdibella That will be Hillarys chief of staff GOD WE WILL REALLY NEED HELP!
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RT @benshapiro: Leftist excuses for jihadists killing people: (1) Christian homophobia; (2) Climate change; (3) Second Amendment; (4) Anyth…
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