@MariaTCardona @anne_seely I like your positivity, but I'm officially not holding my breath. NPR just played interv…
4 days ago
@ICanPlainlySee @foxandfriends Not at all. Faith and spirituality are important. But faith should go hand in hand w…
7 days ago
@FoxNews @foxandfriends @benshapiro If your "interpretation" of your religion allows for discrimination, then maybe…
8 days ago
@MrsDriscoll @kimhightower7 @maryemccoy @FoxNews Nobody thoughtful cares what God says. He doesn't have to live her…
37 days ago
@ChristnNitemare @xeni We really need God to call this SOB home. Time to wrap it up Patty!
2 months, 14 days ago
@tOOT3r @FoxNews @NFL @POTUS What does this even mean? Has never been one shooting by a Muslim refugee in the US. E…
2 months, 14 days ago
@sassygayrepub @realDonaldTrump 1. Most likely no god. 2. God wouldn't much care for Trump. 3. God wouldn't give a…
2 months, 19 days ago
What happens when God accidentally drops a piece of buttered toast, strapped face up to the back of a cat? #QuestionsINeedAnswersTo
2 months, 26 days ago
#WhyImNotWelcomeAtChurch Stood out front with a petition asking for all white Jesus' to be replaced! Spoiler: Not a lot of signatures. ☹️
3 months, 1 days ago
Are You There God? It's Me, Mr. Noodle. #ClownLiterature
3 months, 9 days ago
@WayneDupreeShow Dear Almighty God, Please protect us and our Caribbean neighbors to the south from the giant murde…
3 months, 9 days ago