RT @BooBiiinLove: Say what you want about TharnType...but you can’t deny that Mew and Gulf are god tier. There chemistry is untouchable. Th…
12 days ago
RT @sweetsally123: the 2nd hand embarrassment.. those ignorant rude fans leaving hate comments for Sam.. like wth you doing though i repli…
12 months, 3 days ago
RT @alicexz: What do we say to the god of death? #NotToday then, and now. #GameofThrones
1 year ago
God, please Let them be together again🙏💖🙏. AMEN #WaitingForYunjae2016
4 years ago
"@juztsmyleW: [HQ] #WWWinNanjingD1 Jaejoong ♥ (cr.tsyt) (3)" New God of Rock!! ♥♡
6 years ago