@BerniesHomie @TheMarkPantano Oh dear God! Ted Bundy passed a polyhraph! What part of unreliable don't you understand?
25 days ago
@Clinton6one4 @Megan4MAGA @ROHLL5 @jojoh888 @grizzlemeister @ChristieC733 @ArizonaKayte @SandraTXAS @StacyLStiles… https://t.co/XJdyFVNmXc
3 months, 14 days ago
Lots of reasons @glennbeck's media empire is going away. Arrogance is the biggest one. He's not conservative, he's… https://t.co/dFzcoqu8vH
4 months, 1 days ago
Surprised, shocked, appalled that this hasn't been covered by #MSM. Pastor/NAACP chapter presidentht caught lying a… https://t.co/XmaHqs3eol
5 months, 10 days ago
@MittRomney is just pandering for votes, obviously not spending any time reading the Bible. (The Book of Mormon is… https://t.co/wlgk3yuyYR
5 months, 12 days ago
@CharlieDaniels @DebraMMason1 Amen @CharlieDaniels. It's called #tyranny. Our founding fathers saw this eventuality… https://t.co/sphbbgXGFP
5 months, 22 days ago
Torchbearer movie trailer. Truth. #DuckCommander #DuckDynasty #PhilRobertson #God https://t.co/RQ9o8jUWVM
2 years ago