RT @cjwerleman: White supremacists now have an anti-Islam 'military training' camp.
9 days ago
RT @TrueIslamUSA: To love God, love His creation. 💜🙏🏽
9 days ago
RT @cjwerleman: An anti-Muslim rally promoted as "Stop the Islamization of Texas" was funded by the Kremlin.
49 days ago
RT @cjwerleman: Elderly Rohingya Muslim man says he witnessed Burma's military execute nearly 90 civilians, and abduct his two sons. https:…
50 days ago
RT @ddale8: An under-discussed part of Roy Moore's long history of bigotry: he argued Congress should refuse to seat Keith Ellison because…
57 days ago
RT @cjwerleman: Under PM Modhi, lynchings against Muslims have spiked precipitously. Yesterday a Muslim man was bound & beaten by Hindu ex…
3 months, 20 days ago