#sermons Good news: God is responsive to you. Challenge: He might be waiting on you. https://t.co/jr9yLzjrRE
6 days ago
Where God is, there is also humility. #sermon #God https://t.co/WP7dTdRAmy
31 days ago
Healing from hurt and pain is a need we all have. Here is the most practical way I found to help heal from hurt.… https://t.co/4yucV4LI6l
5 months, 21 days ago
Life without God is a struggle to find meaning on the best days. Life with God brings meaning to the struggle on… https://t.co/eV0PfptF7m
5 months, 25 days ago
There is no better way to pray than humbly, and there is no quicker way to be humbled than to pray proudly. #prayer #God #awesome
6 months, 10 days ago
Judge not. #judge #god https://t.co/kV4lb86aTl
8 months, 29 days ago
In the church, we’ve to often chosen excellence over authenticity. We shouldn’t do bad on purpose, but good without purpose falls flat.
9 months, 5 days ago