RT @queen_phire: That phone you holding with your hands will ring for good news before the end of February in Jesus name!!!
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RT @SohrabAhmari: If you have any mental room left for non-debate stuff, please read and share this important op-ed: Huawei is an ethics-f…
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RT @GloriaGooden1: BLESSINGS!! 😎 REMEMBER, no matter how you feel, GET UP, DRESS UP, and SHOW UP to where you need to go. Sometimes in life…
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RT @Hoodrich_AMG: God when he sees Pop Smoke at the gates https://t.co/unHHMHEBsp
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RT @Lenys_Green: @_imcountry I hate when people say that as if we’re not all sinners and in God’s eyes no sin is bigger than the other 🙄
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YOU'VE GOT A BURNING DESIRE TO BE GREAT & LIVE GREATER - So Be Daring - Put Everything On The Line - Outwork Everyb… https://t.co/qyB6rDzqcd
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RT @StormIsUponUs: Greg says that the Pope, CEO of the largest child sex trafficking organization in history, held secret meetings at the V…
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RT @TimHerrera: oh my god i just got owned into oblivion by a group of TEENS — via USPS SNAIL MAIL no less if you need to reach me i will…
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RT @paulsperry_: Hillary let this radical Muslim Brotherhood operative into US, reissuing his visa after Bush administration revoked it htt…
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RT @realprettyygirl: I really hate this world we live in.. i just pray God protect me & mine.
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I’m filled with so much gratitude. I’m so grateful, for all the lessons learned, all the successful relationships,… https://t.co/j4vLY6OFU9
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RT @SharletaBasset1: Character cannot be developed in ease & quiet. Only through experience of trial & suffering can the soul be strengthen…
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RT @LaylaAlisha11: This Brave Chinese Woman tells us what is really going on with the #coronavirus May God & his Angels Protect this Woman…
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RT @rabiasquared: God. This child. I just want to gather him up and hold him.
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Call On Jesus by Whitlee Casey
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I just finished talking with my sister via video call. God, how I miss Davao!!
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