RT @dannysoderberg: christians: being gay is a sin, all fags are going to rot in hell a gay person: god isn’t real christians: oh my gosh…
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RT @irishrygirl: Too bad republicans aren’t as good at separating church and state as they are with families.
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RT @mxsriyatalks: nothing gives me more peace than knowing that what Allah has written for me will ALWAYS be for me, maybe not now, maybe i…
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RT @MilesBridges: Draft in 3 days. Can’t explain how I’m feeling, I don’t care if I go 1st or 60th I’m just thankful and blessed that God e…
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beginning of winter, Newfs have rash of accidents with their snowmobiles. beginning of summer, Newfs have rash of a… https://t.co/kGnQKJtzFS
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RT @Nonstopdoc: As a child growing up in the Bible Belt with Baptists, I remember the horror of their full embrace of white supremacy & mis…
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RT @ananavarro: Dear God. https://t.co/38n3fRqJ3i
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If I waslk pass one more man & he say “good god almighty” 😭
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RT @Scaramucci: Separating innocent children from their families is not the Christian way, the American way, nor what @POTUS wants. Congres…
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RT @BradMorgs: Maybe it’s just me, but if you made fun of any other religion like this, you would get slammed. Christianity has become a jo…
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RT @LauraLoomer: Ilhan Oamr, a Muslim candidate in Minnesota who is running to fill Keith Ellison’s seat was just endorsed by DFL. Ilhan…
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RT @denzolaa: "When the rich were greedy, Allah made them wear the clothes of the poor with the highest prices” https://t.co/zH28BkRuVb
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RT @Derrickdean15: Boy ain’t NOBODY better then God !!!!
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RT @mxsriyatalks: as you get older, you start to see how important privacy is. not everyone needs to know your business & not everyone has…
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RT @ShrineofStJude: St. Jude, we pray in gratitude for the trust God offers us as He draws us to Him in prayer.
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It's sad, it's disgusting. God gives them the responsibility to act as leaders who can give clarity for the Church,… https://t.co/bhIMbEN3ZG
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My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Answer: Because you guys are just like King Saul. You give me lip service praise… https://t.co/UEqSgTZYSI
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RT @cjwerleman: Chinese authorities brutally beat a handcuffed Uyghur Muslim detainee in East Turkistan. China is carrying out the world's…
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RT @MilesBridges: Draft in 3 days. Can’t explain how I’m feeling, I don’t care if I go 1st or 60th I’m just thankful and blessed that God e…
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