Kanye West and Dre. Dre Link Up In The Studio For "Jesus Is King Part II" - https://t.co/2r4liDABer - ##musicnews… https://t.co/QoQH3AN0Z1
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RT @WileyTomlinson: Thank god for Morgan Wallen and Luke combs
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RT @hickoryhill8520: @IsaaMobile1 @lillianmcrowley @ToddTrotter3 @ledrew @GodsWordIsFree @RevLDReed @emmanuelobi476 @perry777777 @91Psalms1…
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RT @amadeusfletch: The soldiers who crucified Jesus passing him on the street three days later https://t.co/t665by6SHE
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@ChickfilA Ask yourselves CFA, do you remember Judas Iscariot? He actually knew Jesus, yet he turned his back on h… https://t.co/BFTRHLdCfZ
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Jesus. https://t.co/hDGipnhXzV
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RT @DiRealSolly: Me wondering where people get apple from since the Bible didn't specify what fruit. Could have been a soursop https://t.co…
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RT @Easy_Tyger: This means that @snowshoemtn, in West by God Virginia, will open before Aspen, Alta, Jackson Hole, and Whistler Blackcomb,…
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Prayer :: God, raise up other Christians who have a relationship with ______________ who can partner with me in sh… https://t.co/rnFbzO9x0x
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RT @PlayStation: Wattam has a release date: December 17! Read our new interview with creator Keita Takahashi: https://t.co/aQHE7StDIb https…
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Stream Bobby Feeno doe
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Please god enlighten my vision so I can see shit that I probably didn’t notice 🙏🏾
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RT @kayharkey: God says He will calm the storm in you and save you from drowning in your emotions...look at this ocean, He compares your st…
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@IMSavvy @eliedeker @GrahamLedger What spin? The article wasn't put on Twitter by a liberal show host. Jesus, can y… https://t.co/WUSSAGZ9hR
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@B_NOTW 2/3 in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are… https://t.co/ftED4Lsmbc
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My god @kanyewest meeting up, with Hunchbacked fan 🙏😭❤️ #humble #heartwarming #JesusIsKing #HunchbackLivesMatter https://t.co/6ySUS30sWR
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RT @ESPNFrankie: Pussy been selling since jesus fed all them niggas with 3 fish fillets https://t.co/zhLZJJb4Df
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Oh my god ! @jheil and @TheRickWilson on @DeadlineWH ! I’m so excited 👏👏
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on god, I could not be happier.
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RT @Michelle_RTR: Jesus is being glorified in the life of Tua @Tuaamann people are watching and God is moving! Ephesians 3:20-21 #PrayforTua
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