RT @VanessaL43: If schools are adopting the teaching of Religion & Tolerance, ‘In God We Trust’ belongs in the Education System as well.…
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God is going to use your tears from this season to water your joy for the next season. —@kvministries 😭♥️
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@Proverbs31org @godsgotmebro True, but there is also great power in turning the other check and not giving words po… https://t.co/oP1jznb6yN
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We hold services every 3rd Sunday at 1pm! We welcome you to join us in sharing your story or testimony. And come fe… https://t.co/MPnxWhNq07
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im just sitting here doing everything in my power to not be productive, jesus
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@RealTalk_Truth_ @alwynswan @tisaiahcho In my book The Crucifixion I argue at length that forgiveness is not a suff… https://t.co/qpLLAUBdKV
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@whisker_plot True. Definitely a No on conservative Christian type. As long as I didn’t have to go sit and listen t… https://t.co/UOSqgim3cv
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God, watching the beauty community fall apart all due to all this Jeffree Star shading drama, it's honestly amazing… https://t.co/y8yg2mdGUc
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We need to get out from under the juniper tree, stop leaning over on it complaining and get up and do what God has… https://t.co/F9AFINxSjH
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@SethAMandel Many of the people latching on to this aren't considering whether there might be good gay priests, the… https://t.co/7wW39q6WLA
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#rhopreunion I know Gizelle ain't over there talking bout is that a sign God's gonna strike u down, cause she does plenty her own self😒
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Wait Bounty gone gospel?
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Well-meaning Christians find out I'm educated and say, "Apologetics!" to me. (Ignoring that I abandoned apolegetics… https://t.co/tSncybJPVU
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@RhonieSays Amen indeed
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Dear Mr President & Vice President @realDonaldTrump and @VP, Praying for you. God’s peace. #BibleVerseoftheDay… https://t.co/vTWLeCJmIf
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