My testimony; When in reality the whole bunch of them are in HELL and will remain in HELL forever...And GOD rules over hell...LOL
20 minutes ago by tamilou007
I'm at Temple Salem Seventh Day Adventist Church in Boston, MA
22 minutes ago by missladyjanedoe
Just beautiful! I loved it! (@ Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa, FL)
22 minutes ago by CarlosLynch
RT @ManEStylz: Last night with the God @realcappadonna before he murdered that stage! @phillygrl139 @macmotionmusic…
23 minutes ago by team_buddhism
RT @ManEStylz: Last night with the God @realcappadonna before he murdered that stage! @phillygrl139 @macmotionmusic…
24 minutes ago by REALCAPPADONNA
Maybe I should come to Indy for Christmas. I could done at @wafflehouse #1954. Like Jesus did. @ The…
26 minutes ago by Jessica_Gardner
My heart is so happy! I am thankful for this guy and for fun date nights. I am thankful for God's…
26 minutes ago by natalieclason
@soulthot happy for them being able to slide into church immediately tomorrow, and today, for my Jewish brethren
27 minutes ago by expertfrowner
Glory to God! Putin, the terrorist have actually overcome evil America, UK, turkey, lybia, Iraq, among others...
27 minutes ago by tamilou007
Vigil in Colorado Springs starting at All Souls Unitarian Universalist church. Live updates
27 minutes ago by DenverCP
What great memories of Helen! (@ St. Bonaventure Church in Columbus, NE)
28 minutes ago by karabosler
Remember Vineyard, no Saturday night service tonight November 28, 2015. @ Vineyard Community Church
28 minutes ago by vineyardlex
28 minutes ago by MallorySchnell
Just posted a photo @ Revival Church For The Nations In East Boston
29 minutes ago by Pastor_Miqueias
@Slate @potus if the majority of USA citizens were islamophobic, y wld we have accepted 680k muslim refugees in the past 5yrs?
29 minutes ago by RKMCPHERSON2014
Glory to God! Vladimir Putin, if all of the world opposed terrorist and supported them not...the terrorist would have faded away long ago...
30 minutes ago by tamilou007
ADVENT: SEASON OF SPIRITUAL PREPARATION FOR HIS COMING: ... thy Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in…
31 minutes ago by BpLeoMichael
On the road back to Atlanta thank god I got my signal back no service on…
31 minutes ago by IamMsRemember
HBD to my sister, my best friend, my god mother, and the Olivia Pope to…
31 minutes ago by e_buchan
Dear Lord Nativity baby Jesus wif da Kung Fu grip, I feel dis garme slippin away! We need a turnover! Amen!
32 minutes ago by Hug_Em_Up_Ruff