RT @possiblydianna: Drake: i am a God Y'all: ......🔊🎶🎵 Kanye: calls himself Yeezus Y'all: .......🔊🎶🎶 Ariana: God is a woman Y'all: Lord Je…
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RT @lecrae: At this point in my journey I’m more concerned with knowing God and not what people think about God.
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RT @JoeNBC: God bless President Obama for delivering this unifying message that borrows from Mandela and calls to mind Lincoln’s message of…
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RT @olgasilva319: the overwhelming, never-ending, Reckless love of God
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This @galactiboop knows how to use Twitter better than I do, cuz I see her retweets all the time😂 like, teach me go… https://t.co/fqvwgEPqn6
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RT @TraeStowe: life begins once Jesus becomes the reason you live.
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RT @DKdollx: @StaceyChooch God forbid I rebuke it
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RT @jaypop_: Shoutout to NOBODY but God because ya girl is CANCER FREE. Tumor was 100% benign. https://t.co/X56SbMkua1
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RT @_sherrronnn: I just got this feeling . . God bout to show out in my life. I’m READY 😌🤞🏽
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RT @ParamountChurch: Though a “Word and sacrament” ministry appears to be the main point of Jesus’ Great Commission, it does not appear to…
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RT @lecrae: At this point in my journey I’m more concerned with knowing God and not what people think about God.
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RT @TatyDLove: In Jesus name I pray 😭 https://t.co/YoeNNqMJzD
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RT @JoyceMeyer: The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tested. Why would the Holy Spirit do that? Find out from Joyce below! #…
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RT @Paula_White: I pray tonight that the love of God removes all depression and hopelessness from you- in the name of Jesus I pray hope and…
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RT @cmccaff100692: May #Yahweh always bless you too, Jane! https://t.co/dsQ7zCmtUm
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RT @ProAntiTheist: "god lies outside the domain of science" Of course it does. All bullshit lies outside the domain of science. #atheist
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The Voices of Praise are pleased to be with the Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Craig Bush of Martinsburg, WV on We… https://t.co/EV05ubKotR
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RT @Chrisstttyy: IKTGWMAW= IKnow That God Will Make a Way🙌🏾🗣
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