I would love to know why my company chose fucking Rally as its agile tool nobody in the fucking world uses rally. O… https://t.co/psBcnNItbF
41 days ago by meepItOut
RT @AllahGreatQuran: Sometimes we make dua for a door of dunya. When it doesn’t open we cry not realizing that Allah has instead opened a d…
41 days ago by GulMullagori
Good god, this is adorable. https://t.co/g0fzzVr5pB
41 days ago by trixiebobixie
@RightWingWatch Because in their eyes Baron is the son of god.
41 days ago by PresonPhillips
RT @JackPosobiec: Please do not RT this video of Fidel Castro getting a standing ovation at Raphael Warnock’s church https://t.co/fz5vUpt2QC
41 days ago by EnergizeVets
41 days ago by MariaMaranje
@ImShayNicole @wee_robo @sarahh4you @shanell_lachae read that Bible and you’d know, we’re living biblical times😏🕊🙏🏼
41 days ago by yesi069
God whatever you have for me...I’m ready now
41 days ago by theevictoriae
RT @Hoyden_x: The bible says that a man must find his woman, so woman shooting their shot is basically satanism
41 days ago by WandileNtuli_
RT @GoodShepherd316: Christians believe JESUS CHRIST is the Only Way to the Father, Christians walk in repentance, crucify their flesh, bea…
41 days ago by NCGull
@realDonaldTrump Yes they do Mr. President. May God give them wisdom and courage to do the right thing! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
41 days ago by emorel48
@EricTrump @Patrici15767099 @realDonaldTrump God bless America. God bless President Donald Trump.
41 days ago by AldoACastaneda
Galatians 3:26-27 CSB for through faith you are all sons of God in Christ Jesus. [27] For those of you who were bap… https://t.co/9sP2GjNVXc
41 days ago by HSA_Fellowship
RT @1dessdior: Stay down & watch how God bless you and I ain’t just talking money wise
41 days ago by miltonmiless
RT @MuslimsMatters: Your friend is he, who mentions Allah to you in your presence and mentions you to Allah in your absence.
41 days ago by kevynzworld
@daviddavidsocal @Dv81Grey @Boweadroit @GabrielaTesori1 @joey8814 @JeremyJacob444 @champagnebreeze @zenagainba1… https://t.co/gQWtoDD62D
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@spparel @skepteis Amen
41 days ago by izaquito72
RT @oriyomclovinnn: God ... I wanna be this head ass Lmfaoooo https://t.co/Jv2usAg4ZD
41 days ago by alexispickleson
@SiPhillipsSport How tf has dele alli got in over a havertz sweet Jesus. Pure agenda
41 days ago by Ryan_Humston
RT @pastortannerttv: Once you beat the final boss, you don’t need to mess around with his lemmings. Jesus has ALREADY defeated death. All…
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