RT @rayortlund: Some say, "Stop talking about justice. Preach the gospel only." Problem: Galatians 2:11-21. Paul rebuked Peter for betrayin…
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So @Pontifex can tell a gay guy that God made him that way and loves him but the same pope also loves @TheDemocrats… https://t.co/zkIN2kMGfe
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RT @vgliatti: Yes @MrDane1982 apparently your honesty communication about @SenSanders is very much needed & plz ignore those that say Let i…
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RT @Smooth_Orator: "oh..my god." that kiss had that nigga weak in his knees lmfao. https://t.co/LRVSCLErf8
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God made child molesters too? https://t.co/xjsfKO00CT
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@EricTrump @StJude God bless Eric Trump for all the wonderful work he has done for all the patients,families, and o… https://t.co/DdpVvcrwTM
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'Jesus never charged a leper a co-pay': rise of the religious left | US news | The Guardian https://t.co/6rGbE0eKbR
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RT @CraigRSawyer: In any other country, this traitor would’ve been hung long ago for his blatant betrayal of his own citizens. Yet, he rema…
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RT @realTanyaTay: God answers prayers 🙏🏻💙 https://t.co/wMqBjet3mL
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RT @CommunityPLF: The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are tempted to lose your cool and blow up, do you think drawing…
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RT @mitchellvii: Democrats hate God and Israel. At least they're consistent.
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RT @yashar: Pope Francis tells gay man: "God made you like that and loves you like that" https://t.co/3IprqtpZxq
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RT @codeofvets: Congratulations Jared🎓College bound! Proud mom moment...God guide our graduates of 2018! I am proud of my son and his staun…
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RT @resurgent: Ugh: Eager to Trash Trump, Progressive Christian “Leaders” Make Jesus a Sinner https://t.co/RzAvPUNan6 via @peterheck https:…
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RT @Complex: Pope Francis tells gay man God "loves you like this." https://t.co/LEsUW1sPHy https://t.co/VvGVreeCC0
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@dodie7455 @TheLoveBel0w @MollyJongFast @TuckerCarlson Amen!!
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RT @axfxq: *when a non-Muslim woman wears a hijab for a day* Muslims: wow ty for experiencing our religion! :) :) ur so brave like wow *…
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RT @Clayton_king: Having the best time watching my boys fall deeper in love with Jesus as they learn more about the land Jesus called home…
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Immma tell god y’all got phones up there https://t.co/x52uKBHDox
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RT @larpmjt: @CNN Did we dodge a bullet or what with that one! Thank you to Mr. Donald J. Trump for working your a** off to get elected to…
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