@madisonblandoo thank you for this PSA, may God answer all these prayers from our fellow twitter friends.😊
14 minutes ago by kerrrigannn
"Hosannah in the highest" on Palm Sunday- humbling to know Jesus thought I was worth dying for!
15 minutes ago by txcoach66
The Cross is about commitment!! Are we committed to Jesus? #victorytulsa
15 minutes ago by ShannoBoling
I got called a Jesus freak cuz I knew when Easter was.. Aight
15 minutes ago by GolfWangNessa
"Love one another." - John 13:34 #atthewell @ The United Methodist Church At The Well https://t.co/hhXEmVy7JO
15 minutes ago by brookepporter
@hannatomlinson_ @hhtismy @tennisgomez you are a fantastic artist! God bless you!
16 minutes ago by mammamccannaz
Hosanna.....Crucify Him! We are a fickle lot. (@ East Side Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD) https://t.co/3hW1erwWDa
16 minutes ago by jadewood70
Oh god. http://t.co/M5je1VJtP1
16 minutes ago by xbrennamarie
Great message from @PastorMattShaw, "I made you, now I bought you back!" #gospel
16 minutes ago by TheShef
My mom got bored in church so she played with her phone calculator...
17 minutes ago by SammyJayde13
Jesus paid for all our sins. How will he judge us for our sins? #visitgracechurch
17 minutes ago by ShellyMiller201
It's easy to spend our whole lives being full time church members and part time disciples. #PalmSunday @hopedesmoines #timetobeallin
17 minutes ago by KYLPDRSN
I'm at Light Of The World Roman Catholic Church in Littleton, CO https://t.co/RQqjqUTF2s
18 minutes ago by Dshive
#PalmSunday @ St. Patrick Catholic Church https://t.co/BiClVP1q28
18 minutes ago by GalelaQD
Maybe I should start trying to go to church during the week since I work all weekend
18 minutes ago by zammsss
Shawty Swing That Pussy My Way.
18 minutes ago by LightSkin_Jesus
One of my favorite days of the year. #BarefootSunday @gutschurch @ Guts Church Tulsa https://t.co/UfG7jAENtg
18 minutes ago by ehansen43
Good word this morning from Pastor Crowder. #christianlifecenter #clc #layton #utah #word #bible… https://t.co/GZBDeEosjE
19 minutes ago by morganespinoza
God was always trying to make the connection to man and it was fulfilled w/ Jesus. #victorytulsa
19 minutes ago by ShannoBoling
Fresh out (@ Concord Fortress of Hope Church in Kansas City, MO) https://t.co/2I2QLYOGPO
19 minutes ago by DatGuyDBlocc