RT @SilvesterHotasi: Mulai detik ini! Mulai saat ini hari jum'at agung, hari kematian mesias gue lupain masa lalu gue! Hidup baru! Sukses! …
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RT @InstinctBeats: Y'all going to be sitting in church Easter Sunday like... http://t.co/vsTBwYOGOV
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Oh my god there they are. I'm dying. 😂😂😭😭😭😭🐝🍎 http://t.co/194MPVvQvN
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{قل إن ربي يبسط الرزق لمن يشاء من عباده ويقدر له وما أنفقتم من شيء فهو يخلفه وهو خير الرازقين} [سبإ:39] http://t.co/htuLs3j7te
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@god_of_wotaku びっくりっかwwwww
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RT @JoyceMeyer: It's one thing to say you believe. It's another thing to have your faith tested & come out on the other side of it still be…
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RT @aIcohoIIic: Mom says "Alcohol is your enemy"... Jesus says "Love your enemy
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“@E3_EZ: Damn Zeke from the hood. He belonged in Detroit” bible
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{ولن يؤخر الله نفسا إذا جاء أجلها والله خبير بما تعملون} [المنافقون:11] http://t.co/S5lpXEkYxe
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{فمن يعمل مثقال ذرة خيرا يره} [الزلزلة:7] http://t.co/3LPJpcIrvG
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RT @34joodo: #لأجلنا_هيوف_جودي تُرهقَني اللّحظۃ الأخيرة منَ الحيَاة على ماذا سَتكۇنْ ؟! يَارب,أسألُگ الرّضآ وَ حُسن الخآتمۃ '' @Retwit_is…
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I'm trusting God.
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The Prophet (sawas) said, "The verse of purification was revealed concerning five people: myself, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, and Fatima."
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(Explosion (57B3F)) 2014/04/17 20:06 / 1232 MT VERNON CHURCH RD / Map 027A / T20 / BLP361 BLL25 BLTA366 BLTA367 BLTA257 BLTA127 DHP1
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RT @DizzyWright: God has been very good to me and my homies
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@supER_sonICK amen
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@kaitlynleia OH M GOD I LOVE YOU
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The bread of life Jesus gives looks and smells better than any bread made with human hands! #stjnashua
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RT @FantasyDibs: Who would you rather...? Retweet For Emma Watson Favorite For Blake Lively http://t.co/KVKhkRAtan
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RT @SantapanMinda: Jangan Jadikan Allah Pilihan Terakhir Bila Kita Gembira Dan Tiba-Tiba Jadi Pilihan Pertama Bila Kita Sedih.
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