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RT @AnnTKAG2020: This octopus is camouflaging. Watch this @PMistress2020 @OkieNV @TheMightyRAD @dyro874 @IMCarson1 @spartans45 @GatesRobi…
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RT @AlishaGrauso: OH MY GOD WHAT https://t.co/pU8rRF7587
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RT @iAm_Rolo: I had to reap the consequences of my wrong doings. Before, I could harvest the blessings God had/has for me. Being at my lowe…
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On the seventh day, god created roti And on the eight day, he shit his pants
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RT @BBYNELLZ: I swear to god I just wanna punch somebody in they fucking neck right now
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RT @mitchellvii: I honestly look at the Democrats on stage during these debates and think, to myself, really? Where is Alan Funt? https://…
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RT @Voice_For_India: I went to the Akshardham Temple and a couple was praying to Allah and practicing their rituals right in the temple, ti…
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@GmanFan45 @sjorolan They are under Muslim terrorist invasion, you can thank Obama for that one
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RT @meia_faye: When God says He’ll give you back better than what you lost, believe Him.
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RT @SSPXEN: September 15 - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows: The sword of sorrow predicted by the aged Simeon pierced the loving soul of the…
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RT @Im_Destine_: listening to gospel music while doing homework is so therapeutic
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RT @meia_faye: When God says He’ll give you back better than what you lost, believe Him.
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RT @DeManeDavis: “Can we write a book that solves racism?” Good God, do I miss this man. #Prince @NewYorker https://t.co/ey1bBZ2HAB
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: Being a Muslim is a biggest blessing.
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RT @igetloudtf: I don’t believe in revenge anymore.. God saw it & he’ll take care of it. Sometimes we miss our blessings always trying to h…
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Every day I spend with my fiancé I gain a deeper sense of conviction in fighting against feminism. I want every wom… https://t.co/uO5AgaHhsE
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Prayers for my Wonder Woman and her night shift Justice League and we ALL say ......... AMEN!! 👍😎👊💥🇺🇸#wonderwoman… https://t.co/28YoMBOAOf
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