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@supercurrymax @SuperiorComic16 @secra_xp @TASKvsTheWorld @IVWall @GrawlixPodcast @HLHPattison @jessekiefer…
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RT @deray: God save us all.
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God bless the USA!!!
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Henry Bishop adds another field goal to make the score 47-11. Way to go VIKINGs
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RT @Randyme26746390: @RavenNightMyst @Truthseeker126 What a joke. My God she lost leave it alone
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Why would military officials ask him to speak anyway? Sebastian Gorka Gave A Classified “Tirade” About Radical Islam
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RT @RealJack: Obama went around world apologizing & undermining America. President Trump is fighting for our values & ripping socialism &…
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RT @Kinsey_Gidick: For the love of God can we please stop telling people to pack salad in mason jars for desk lunches?
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RT @stevenfurtick: Life lesson: Outcome is God's responsibility; obedience is yours.
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@ImaMomcologist God Bless Lil Petal!❤️👧🏻🙏🏻💋👼🏼
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God there is NO better commercial than the "we are odst" one.
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RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: 6 God trap god ugly god ski mask the slump god we all no that was inspired by "The BasedGod" the original! No lil b no…
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RT @antoniodelotero: oh my fucking god we fucking dead
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Just remembered there are layers in my hair that happened in February... Still haven't recovered. Fix it, Jesus.
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RT @antoniodelotero: oh my fucking god we fucking dead
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Jesus loves you. #facts
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RT @Corrynmb: "We know that Faith & Family, Not Govt & Bureaucracy are the true centers of Life. In America,We don't worship Govt, We Worsh…
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@realDonaldTrump I'm so grateful they heard your pleas for help on our behalf, Sir! Mr Kim wants to kill us. Than…
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