Omg all of my favorite thank you God 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽
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RT @DrJenBennett: In order to move forward into God's calling for your life, you must be willing to let go of the past and the people who h…
1 minute ago by JoanSonier
For 5 years a screaming please someone help Syrian people's. Have no words anymore only left is God. Please help...
1 minute ago by motikahana
RT @LouisFarrakhan: I don't talk God. I'm backed by God.
1 minute ago by da1977mu
RT @LouisFarrakhan: I don't talk God. I'm backed by God.
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RT @ChocolateThun_: I'm so glad that God still hears a sinner's prayers 🙇🏾
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RT @patrickmadrid: What is wrong with you?? Do you not understand that toddlers, unlike Muslim terrorists, can't choose to fire guns? https…
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How is this any different than when Muhammad traded seven of his slaves for Safiyyah? #Islam #MuslimProblems
1 minute ago by Jewmanberg
Fuck Islam #IStandWithHateSpeech
1 minute ago by WhitexMale
@YahooCelebUK my god new born at his age
1 minute ago by papalad007
RT @Aj1335Apk54: @HLangendoen Those are beautiful and so so true! I do thirst for my God all day long!
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sapulpa is a god damn train wreck oh my god
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RT @eOneNashville: Congrats @HezekiahWalker - #1 This Week at Gospel Radio with #BETTER
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RT @RealTalkKim: I pray that God will accelerate His plan for ur life as u put ur trust in Him. You will accomplish ur dreams faster than u…
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RT @mp5986mom: I 100% agree. I ask questions 2 make people stop and think. Obama's college transcripts prove he's Muslim & illegal. https:/…
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I wanted to go to bible study tonight
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God's Promise in Gwood Ms
2 minutes ago by Cynthia94790069
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@wpmudev #amen! I've been on the #WordPress bandwagon for quite some time after first navigating through Drupal and Joomla... #WPAllTheWay
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RT @EL_JEFE_330: @Tinder is the GOAT
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