RT @Ardhen723: @PattiFink @GOP same old hate, brand new wrapper. πŸ˜€ It's funny #GOP supposed to be all Bible Thumpers You reap what you sow.…
16 minutes ago by PattiFink
RT @____ROYAL: I believe God puts you in people lives for a reason.Once that person no longer needs you he takes you out. It's rough but he…
16 minutes ago by baaby_raae_
been packing since 11 AM, just got done mostly done and getting back up at 5:30..... God I can't wait to be in EL tmrw
17 minutes ago by summmerlee1
RT @_peytonlindsey_: Take this world and give me Jesus.
17 minutes ago by emonismith3
@Andy_Lynnnn prayers for your family πŸ’› Glad you are all okay!! God is good
17 minutes ago by grace_cameron18
RT @subtweetshawn: Y'all mind if I praise God?πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/86uJlBCUHD
17 minutes ago by jbuckets25
RT @NAInfidels: @julianbond12 @avinashk1975 @ClintonMN2016 @sickofpcmccrap @ntfem Look at this fake Christian fighting for Islam. NO ONE is…
17 minutes ago by julianbond12
Fucking talk to me god damn....
18 minutes ago by alinicole1206
@CosmicBananas @afuahirsch What other religions have killed their follower based on attire? The only religion I know is Islam that does that
19 minutes ago by jamescharette
RT @Vienna006: Awww thank God you are safe. β€οΈπŸ’› #ALDUBConcertNi https://t.co/eEfnBGMpHt
19 minutes ago by vamanalo
RT @afro_n_dimpless: Look at God🀘🏾 took me two days thoughπŸ˜… #DSU https://t.co/oOCJ1qqiH1
19 minutes ago by joviannexo
RT @jasonlatour: Oh my god someone draw Murtaugh and Riggs as Robocops. I don't have timmmmmmeeee god damn it.
19 minutes ago by xBarryHobbsJrx
trust is God to get you through your toughest battles ❀️
19 minutes ago by KelseyShubert20
RT @haleyheldridge: Imagine a man that talks to God about you...
19 minutes ago by madiiwatsonn
RT @subtweetshawn: Y'all mind if I praise God?πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/86uJlBCUHD
20 minutes ago by kentrell_96
RT @jimmyhendrixjr: Look at god https://t.co/T6g1wCkEJ9
21 minutes ago by TheCleopatraLee
Thank God for good directions and turnip greens! https://t.co/VE2YqeQigX
22 minutes ago by dwyer93
@ClintonMN2016 @julianbond12 @avinashk1975 @sickofpcmccrap @ntfem Fake Christian Julian thinks Jesus preached Islam. Disgusting!
22 minutes ago by NAInfidels
@chavorafael69 I'm sure babe. I wait for my baby. God I miss you so bad. Like really really bad
23 minutes ago by CrystalTurzy
RT @NickResciniti: Thank god everyday for what you have
23 minutes ago by brannndooonnnn