RT @I2394gusbirdcow: @NelkFilmz Jesus wasn't a half sender buddy was turning water into wine
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RT @WesleyW73194076: @kwilli1046 @ChristianInst God Bless those who serve and their families for the sacrifices they have to make from time…
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RT @realpinksweats: My momma is a gift from God
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RT @PrettyboiiDB_9: Sometimes I wish God would sit at the end of my bed & tell me what I'm doing wrong .
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@ariela_cantu @waabeskrubby God bless you!!
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Look at Miguel sniffing around #ThisIsUs
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RT @Sam_Blazer: Christian Fischer? No need, Jesus can multiply those fish.
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@AshUnapologetic Amen!
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@KNGMusic amen !
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@RL9631 @LindaForAmerica @VortexVixen45 @TWGRPW @hon3ybadgerdgaf @leahbirdjohnso2 @blondielady00 @SaveOur1st… https://t.co/Hn3LFjQ2fL
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RT @speakinoftae_: the enemy messed around and let me make it out the last season, watch how God use me in my new season‼️ Unleashing the B…
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RT @Towheehillart: Please share this popular snow scene painting! Click on this link to get a better look! https://t.co/AQjc92Jj3Y #snowch…
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RT @AntoineBMusic: I’d rather be accepted by God and rejected by men Than to be accepted by men and rejected by God.
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RT @bajanbaabyy: God knows not to let nobody run across me dressed like that https://t.co/9KZDgAyDuG
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Oh my god. AMAZING!! ❤️ https://t.co/2bxZfPfOY3
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RT @ElevationChurch: "We often assume God’s presence will fix all our problems, but sometimes God’s presence is all about fixing your persp…
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RT @johnpavlovitz: "It's impossible to be devoted to the Jesus of the Scriptures, while refusing refugees, expelling immigrants, vilifying…
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RT @pablo_shicone: ON GOD MF WANNA PLAY UNTIL U PLAY BACK https://t.co/SM3kSHoIQU
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RT @realpinksweats: My momma is a gift from God
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RT @Latrellnorm: Ima fall in love again, I’m just gonna be more careful this time and put god first
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