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RT @shadihamid: Sadly, this is the sort of thing that's done to any Muslim who runs for office. Apparently, this DNC race wasn't enough to…
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RT @YourFavvBaddie: Dear God, Thanks for everything.
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@stephenfhayes @thomasjoscelyn @weeklystandard Some Trumpites already want McMaster fired for his tolerant view of Islam.
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: Allah sees all.
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2017-02-26 J Adeyemi - Blessed are the Merciful – 1st Sunday Service is Live! https://t.co/FMD2KIRiBx
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: Sad? pray. Giving up? pray. Hurting? pray. Depressed? pray. Struggling? pray. Worried? pray. Allah cares &…
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@volsairine Captioned: Stevie Nicks Goes To Church
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RT @4everNeverTrump: Trump NatSec Advisor McMaster declares "radical Islamic terrorism" should not be used. Obama was right; big surprise h…
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: Allah sees all.
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Michael Reid - Jesus you are my father https://t.co/6ZhTuhD5HO #nowplaying #listenlive
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RT @KatyyAnnn: Terrorists making your coffee at Starbucks. Starbucks says Islam is Love https://t.co/qnGfhzdx6e
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@Arm4nd0M4rt1n3z @deplorablenyc It also takes more faith in that these scientists are truthful about evidence you claim. Than in God.
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RT @AllahGreatQuran: Don’t worry about the future, ALLAH has already planned for it.
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An Amish Girl in Manhattan: A Memoir (Feb 28 release). Opening Chapter of the Book. __________ I hadn't planned... https://t.co/ugFFQniIv6
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I just discovered that there are Pages on Facebook that looks like a Muslim page, but it actually set up to... https://t.co/5Vqw5P7cPM
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Preach Pastor White https://t.co/Km72HpAiRj
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It's not who say "God" the most 👼get to see the gates of heaven🏞🌀 A clean hand ✋👏 and pure heart💝💛❤ is more satisfactory in thy sight....
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RT @___xpauline: i be having a hard time seeing who really fuck with me. I pray God keep anything thats not for me AWAY from me 😩😩
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