@Strangeland_Elf @rosedurecka I'mz ze German. (My last name is German and my first name is Hebrew, which is ironic… https://t.co/r12ugRtN6p
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RT @Kimbraov1: German Interior Minister: "Islam Does Not Belong to Germany": https://t.co/nNd3M9cpfh
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RT @Ibehotboytay: Dear God, if I start giving up.. just please keep me going
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RT @WayneinRome: Check out some of my professional writings -@ASRomaEN's political history, Islam in Italy today, Columbus's finances: ht…
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RT @JohnCooper0610: For fun I watched a little MSM and they are pushing the McCabe statement like it's gospel. Listening to them you would…
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RT @zhavia: Thankyou god for everything 🙏🏻
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On god https://t.co/iKzYZ7hZQd
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RT @lil_SammmyB: Don’t date the girl that’s hard to please. My girlfriends go to drunk food is cheese. Do you have any idea how fulfilling…
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RT @iamDCWeathers: Don’t let pride kill a relationship that God ordained.
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RT @PaymentLoop: COOKED TODAY 👀 Still new to this sneaker stuff but after reading @SwiftCop’s The Sneaker Bible and learning that all Yeez…
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RT @darrynzewalk: #IfSocialMediaDisappeared I would not be connected with you.. and my ability to share God’s love with you consistently, w…
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@houseontherockc Amen
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This is an E Book of my translation of John's Gospel from the Aramaic Peshitta. In this "God is Love" edition,... https://t.co/vk0Gyat3l5
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RT @milani_taylos: My momma told me if you love a man in his childish years let him go love yourself first , then when he find GOD he can c…
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RT @_Makyi_: I stand for what I stand for god just going have to give me mines In another way
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RT @alylikeswaffles: prayer & patience & trust in the process 🙏🏽 it’s all by God’s grace 💕 https://t.co/P6wwjbKvPp
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Bishop Emeritus Loverde joined @BishopBurbidge today for Anointing of the Sick. We will have more photos from this… https://t.co/MAmNLGvv3x
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Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Psalm 51:12 https://t.co/V7FIqd0ij9 #jesus
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I don’t know if it was God or an instinct that told me to buy it but I was overwhelmed by the feeling. Just a remin… https://t.co/JYccP3dWOE
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RT @krassenstein: What would Trump's reaction have been if a Muslim government, say Iran, ordered a chemical weapon's attack on our allies…
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