RT @gatewaypundit: AMEN! Trump's Spiritual Advisor Opens Rally with Prayer: “A Demonic Network Has Been United Against Trump" Let It be Bro…
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RT @JoyceMeyer: How many of you have prayed, "God change me?" If you can relate then Momma Joyce has some words of wisdom for you below! #J…
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I had to commit myself to the process, and make changes for my son and myself. As long as I did the small work, God… https://t.co/hQLJJ44Bgp
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RT @erinentrada: P L E A S E—if you know someone is suffering this way, TELL SOMEONE. If you witness someone being bullied or victimized, D…
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RT @DailyKeller: The gospel is good news about what has been done to save you, not what you have to do to save yourself.
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Heard we were gonna sell out Dubday last night so @iamgvo brought his mom to the party so she could help supervise… https://t.co/ucANRG5bWu
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RT @michiokaku: The Teleological Proof of the Existence of God says that God is necessary to design the universe we see around us. Evolutio…
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RT @gracemeetstruth: Our faith justifies our works before God, but our works justify our faith before people. Although God doesn’t need our…
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Amen https://t.co/zFfYWePao9
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RT @joelnobis: that’s what Jesus does. he takes people that are broken and fills the cracks with his goodness. he walks in the room and you…
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@JesusITrustInU4 Amen just prayed for you I have had quite a few removed through the years and have some returning (GOD BLESS)🙏🙏👍🏽✝️
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RT @CodyMDaney: If u believe n god read this https://t.co/yOaQXi8w47
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@JVBxDiaries @donnypangilinan @KissesDelavin It's okay. It's tears of JOY.💖 Again, thank you for this thread!!! God bless you in all ways
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RT @MikeDrucker: Jesus Christ, we’re going to lose https://t.co/hJiMPg8HFr
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@lukaorehar @SincerelyLyn And I thought I was extra by using the "and" LOL God of all LMFAO
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RT @HumanProgress: In the year 353, a bishop called Hilary of Poitiers predicted that the world would end in just 12 years, in 365. It is a…
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RT @desiringGod: “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and accept…
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@Kristina261 Fact sis, God is a jealous God. He wants you to depend on Him completely no matter what.
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@tracydickerson @KatzOnEarth Jesus never challenged the Roman Empire. Where did he do that? In the temple? Who init… https://t.co/26dNTWvjIV
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RT @bhweingarten: The Obama administration wholeheartedly backed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East -- the Democratic Part…
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