RT @R2geek: God, please protect POTUS & FLOTUS today as they work for America ! Bless their work ! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/ro2j2g6CcT
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RT @MayaSalone: God honestly knows who to put in situations like this
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RT @delamor890: How God turned a rib into a loud speaker is still a mystery. 🏃🏃🏃 https://t.co/ytuoYkXYYN
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RT @delamor890: How God turned a rib into a loud speaker is still a mystery. 🏃🏃🏃 https://t.co/ytuoYkXYYN
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RT @Official_Heena: #Witnesses_of_GodKabir Almighty God Kabir Saheb protected Prahlad from Hiranyakashyap by taking Incarnation of Narasbi…
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Pastor Avis, PRAYER 2 Constraints. Prayer Gives Us Access
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@Dylanbrown_03 @FortniteWars Oh my god lol
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History will never forgive us for what we are doing to our elderly, sick, poor, and minority citizens in this count… https://t.co/a7qR2dINtV
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Let go of your fears and trust God. https://t.co/BplLcUm2NQ
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RT @islamicfreedom: Pray to Allah to keep you safe and sound.
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RT @TheBSimone: God is the best
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RT @taurobruja: I enjoy having secrets
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RT @DaBabyDaBaby: Don’t look up to me, look up to GOD.
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@AyannaPressley These are beautifully done, and I admire your post. I still want to vomit over the senseless murd… https://t.co/yoV5oEA3qE
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@columbiascbuzz Dr Michael Addison & Pastor C Priester are leading a FREE COVID-19 drive thru testing Sat May 30 9A… https://t.co/diPAPByh6j
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RT @commonsense_nz: Watching the Cult of Ardern congregate for a Facebook live update is truly horrific. Thousands of blind indoctrinated z…
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RT @erikka2ks08: @melodyMcooper @reghud This is terrifying. She abused 911 and intentionally made herself sound like she was in distress. A…
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RT @daboy_daniel: @itsVolling @HenroidT Thy home is all around, Sweet summer child of light and air, Like God's own presence, felt, ne'er…
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@bakedgingerr my entire heart I love him ya allah
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