RT @DrMichaelLBrown: With the constant reports about sex scandals and abuse, let's thank God for the many men who are good husbands and fat…
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@DesertSkeptic @GlynnErnesto Certainly has nothing to do with American Politics. It had to do with who Jesus was an… https://t.co/BvatYhDKSX
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Isn't he a pastor now? https://t.co/Np2WhmPi79
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@steveaoki @BTS_twt oh my god i love this 😂❤️
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RT @darcorina: I was raped when I was 9 by a member of my church. The pastor, and my parents, told me I needed to forgive him, as that is w…
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RT @nytimes: Opinion: In an exclusive, Saudi Arabia's 32-year-old crown prince told Thomas Friedman of reform ideals that could change the…
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"All too few churches today benefit from regular teaching by the same pastor from the same book of the Bible, caref… https://t.co/hAts6UdlTR
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RT @JPY_Kurdish: A standard procedure to cure homosexual people in a Muslim country: → Throw from high and make it deep of the deepest by g…
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RT @UPCIYouthMin: If you're questioning things you have already been assured of, take your uncertainty to God. His Word never changes. #Dev…
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RT @CFW_Quotes: When Luther came forward, he knew that no more effectual help could be provided for people in their misery than the Gospel.…
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RT @IAmTonyWarrick: Sometimes things don't work out the first time so that you'll learn to lean on God the next time.
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RT @Cairo67Unedited: One year ago 100 year old Sufi preacher killed by #ISIS in #Sinai ...not much coverage or govt. reaction. Today 235 la…
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RT @lenadunhamapols: Lena Dunham Apologizes For Saying She Wished She'd Experienced Female Circumcision During A Bar Mitzvah
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RT @JewishConnectiv: Arlo Guthrie said his Bar Mitzvah teacher in Howard Beach NY "was a really nice, patient teacher,but shortly after he…
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