RT @KhemBey913: A lot of ppl go to church on Sunday thinking they singing to The Most High but these pastors bishops etc... so called “famo…
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RT @PeterSweden7: This week there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. A CHURCH WAS BOMBED in the city of Södertälje. It belongs to the Syria…
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RT @BGuwop: You picked a side...Stay there on god
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RT @soledadobrien: Thank God he kept his calendars from high school, right? https://t.co/fZC4Bdik2r
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RT @rynprry: dear god i thought this headline would never end https://t.co/AUEdPNBvoQ
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RT @briscoebash: M...aybe this day is not O...ne of your favorites but N...ever forget that every D...ay you wake up is an A...mazing gift…
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“By Allah you would never be able to destroy our remembrance from the hearts, as well would never be able to destro… https://t.co/BI6jxHyhK9
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RT @SamSykesSwears: Friend: "Hey, sorry, man, I've got to cancel tonight." 17-Year-Old Me: "That's fucking bullshit." 34-Year-Old Me: "oh t…
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RT @GartrellLinda: President Trump will finish what President Reagan started. They constantly maligned & lied about him, too. America is bl…
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RT @AmyMek: SHARIA TEXAS Muslim couple is charged with enslaving a 5yr-old African girl in their home for 16yrs The child slave was bough…
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RT @bailey_amos17: It’s okay to have fun in church. It’s okay to wear jeans with holes in them. It’s okay to wear a hat. It’s okay to sing…
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Bible Verses About LOVE https://t.co/s2rqJceyKx
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RT @andrewwommack: The Holy Spirit and the Word of God agree perfectly because the Holy Spirit is the one who inspired the written Word of…
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RT @BGuwop: You picked a side...Stay there on god
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Biker church from Indiana helps Jones County relief efforts https://t.co/v1XjPbMZf8
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RT @_LoveLike_JESUS: . GOD creates GOD loves GOD helps GOD heals GOD hears GOD saves GOD speaks GOD blesses GOD teaches GOD watches GOD ans…
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In the aforementioned manner the gravely bad bishop would be rejected by his flock. Let us not forget that an ordai… https://t.co/SU7QfNVJdo
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RT @codeofvets: PRAYER REQUEST:This is my daughter's street in her neighborhood! Please continue to pray for the flood victims! Our beautif…
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Ericaism: I Am Waiting On God Just Like You [EXCLUSIVE] https://t.co/MuQgbqPuq3
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RT @rynprry: dear god i thought this headline would never end https://t.co/AUEdPNBvoQ
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