@thholyghost Vampires Everywhere cover of "Take me to the church"
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RT @desiringGod: Billy Graham: “I don’t believe any man can come to Christ unless God drives him. My job is to proclaim the message. It’s t…
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RT @JoyceMeyer: Are you fighting a losing battle against stress? Today, learn how God’s Word can help you set healthy boundaries for a simp…
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RT @BreadBoi: Wake up thank GOD & hustle 💯
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RT @MattGertz: My god. https://t.co/XTqXMLPQck
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RT @DiimVs: 50 retweets for the season 3 battle pass, please rt!? @xRoachh (the god) https://t.co/5ae3En7B0W
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RT @IAmTonyWarrick: Everybody is born with a divine purpose, and God has given us everything we will ever need to fulfill that purpose.
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RT @KenTremendous: Jesus. https://t.co/cthFwy1vrB
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@Earthviser Mate chill out for god sakes.
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@RandySnott @sparkthetruth @veryhip4u @BasedMonitored Also consider the fact that man has been altering the word of… https://t.co/TXFOIZOcgQ
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RT @SKRIBBLES07: @Dougdoodles1 @HappeningNow Because Richard is too busy pushing the Fake News Narrative. Somehow I believe he and a couple…
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Updated: Incident on #NJ73 SB from NJ 38 to CR 616/Church Rd https://t.co/rdncKEjxGq
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This woman really thought she was going to use my stuff, without asking, to cook with and God said no. She had alre… https://t.co/72GNvJNVVI
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jesus fucking christ, it gets worse https://t.co/PB06iUMyB0
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RT @AutumnD10: How is the fact that God never changes good news for us? Come find out tonight in the Circus room in the Bone Student Center…
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RT @MuslimIQ: My God this really happened.🤦🏾‍♂️😅 https://t.co/VqdFziXQkl
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When your on an assignment for GOD, you can't let anybody or anything throw you off track.
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RT @b_headrick30: God is within her, she will not fail
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Thank you god
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RT @ObeyAlastor: God she is so perfect! https://t.co/b19QRgD5ph
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