RT @fvckmira: i know u feel lost rn but keep your faith. God got u, he will not let u fall
1 minute ago by payshinse
RT @PeterTownsend7: ISIS: A 'perversion' of Islam? #londonbridgeattack #londonbridge #pjnet https://t.co/EwdFUKW6wg https://t.co/JaBBu1Tu…
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RT @Mikiah_: I never want to be the kind of Person who portrays themselves as perfect.... I have flaws and I have struggles that’s why I ne…
1 minute ago by SincerelyTmia
RT @ananavarro: POTUS is whining against everything. His squeaky-voiced, son-in-law got interviewed by Senate investigators. Thank God it's…
1 minute ago by marlawhite
@Sky_Buug22 Amen
1 minute ago by zcolegreenwalt
RT @sopharush: God, I pray for peace for anyone whose heart is heavy & burdened. I pray for healing to take place. That they would find co…
1 minute ago by _AmbitiousSheis
@THR God I'm glad she's out of the house.
1 minute ago by musicmakeuplife
Absolutely loved the #GoodBrothers tonight... Please God give them a push... It's been a year now https://t.co/Jsp0fmiDpB
1 minute ago by iluvcle216
RT @owillis: imagine the "religious" right's reaction if bill clinton spoke to boy scouts like trump did? jesus.
1 minute ago by emailcvz
RT @pnehlen: @realDonaldTrump We should be partnering with Russia to take down the Muslim networks globally. Ryan won't vote on the MB Terr…
1 minute ago by Kristi29334608
I been thinking I wanted someone but God hasn't allowed me to have somebody because he want me to focus on my future right now
3 minutes ago by HTA_AC
RT @LeChatNoire4: God- look 👀 at this.Republicans aim to disparage all women. Their humor is cruel. They all probably kill puppies and kitt…
3 minutes ago by keith_douglas
RT @JPY_Kurdish: Kevin J Johnston thanks President Trump for reversing Obama's anti-Christian rule. *(Islam has never built an advanced cou…
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RT @101BibleVerses: God says, "Turn back to me and ask for help, and I will answer your prayers." -Jer 29:12
3 minutes ago by marielaprilb
@DonnieWahlberg 😩 Good God...who has their panties in a wad?!?
3 minutes ago by SkipperChic
RT @PastorDanAddo: Ultimately worry is an issue of trust. Can I really trust that God's got me or not? Can he truly sustain and preserve me…
3 minutes ago by easykalu
I miss kyle so god damn much dude
3 minutes ago by _samtherealest
@darjbrock Well, generally speaking, we are not Jesus overturning the money tables. But even then, His goal was redemptive.
3 minutes ago by DrMichaelLBrown
RT @OKKinderhook: Take a video tour of this beautiful Historic Church in New York State! https://t.co/kASJRfEQJk
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RT @hayfucksbitches: WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS THINK EXS ARE JEALOUS. go be happy with my old dude. Make him happy. Get married. Get a puppy. Ha…
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