Let's eat! 44/366 @ Destiny Church https://t.co/hOaF0A21Wq
28 minutes ago by allthenations
Drinking an Even More Jesus by @EvilTwinBrewing at @vetastinglounge — https://t.co/2omVPomuQ2
28 minutes ago by Maka_UliUli
Drinking an Even More Jesus by @EvilTwinBrewing at @vetastinglounge — https://t.co/VSNJpfasaG
29 minutes ago by PoisonPinkFluff
Why God why😖😩😣😵❄️☃💨 @ Roosevelt Feild Shopping Mall https://t.co/s8N5Xi029K
29 minutes ago by maria518us
"My vision comes from my grind, God got me, I will be fine." #Deezy #Deezy201 #DownTown #Newport… https://t.co/nlkf65G2mF
29 minutes ago by DeezyDaKidd
Happy Birthday to my best Son-in- law ever. I love you so much. God… https://t.co/HsHHvEPQ15
30 minutes ago by RosangelaBoston
When you see your picture on an event program! 😉 My smile is an offering unto God! #BishopBennySloanShowcase! https://t.co/Be4NWQQZG4
30 minutes ago by jeanbenton70
Lemme chill cuz i said the same thing for the coridor digital audition an i neva got a call back!
30 minutes ago by pesty_prophet
i just left the most God awful mom group I can't deal w these fuckers
30 minutes ago by sucker__bet
#dnow16 @ Longview Heights Baptist Church https://t.co/hHW6mcwqFE
30 minutes ago by madeline_virden
The Marriage Collective A super encouraging morning with Pastor Stephen and Lindsay for our… https://t.co/8noqYRFx1e
32 minutes ago by GenerationRI
Im just trying to use God's gift to its full potential #LoveMySport #GoKnights! #TrackNation 🏃🏾💨… https://t.co/ycf5UXr517
32 minutes ago by AC_Gilcrease
RT @andrewt519: Loved spending the day with these people watching them spread God's love to people who are easy… https://t.co/qUNAj8RAYm
32 minutes ago by AlabamaLoverUSA
Mouse racing, betting, and pitches of beer.... in a Catholic Church. This is actually happening.… https://t.co/weGkHWUSRK
32 minutes ago by kledgar711
Jesus was with us this afternoon 🙏🏼👅✨ @ The Works https://t.co/RQ2xDNMdtz
32 minutes ago by jessiebeaugrand
"@VancityReynolds: Just got home from an Outback Steakhouse and I swear to God, I thought I was in Australia." @brooklynn830 did you?
33 minutes ago by cbillings_94
Amen this is everything @ Daytona Beach, Florida https://t.co/uEBa0cNR2k
33 minutes ago by Classy8308
What are you doing to show God that you're trusting him?
34 minutes ago by lewiscalvin7
When a church becomes the stage for a fashion show..... alexanderwangny at Saint Bartholomew… https://t.co/6zNdSXVtHr
35 minutes ago by MauroPorcini
Hacked by the coolest 10th grade girls evaa #rundnow16 @ Olive Baptist Church https://t.co/yiH4XUFnPa
36 minutes ago by baitlynKates