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RT @lancewallnau: You guys tracking on the Spanish Inquisition N.J. Sen. Booker loves to put Christians thru if they dare support sanctity…
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@MeganJean24 @God_Damnit_Cara us when we go to the mall and end up in Ulta😂 https://t.co/Nzf9tGDSyG
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@MancowMuller Wow. I think Mr. Dave might have forgotten about the Gospel which imputes Jesus’s perfect righteousne… https://t.co/jiZQkIN2ab
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RT @iam_JaYzBrown: If you didn't have sex yesterday.. May God bless you financially 🤑🤑 💰 💰 💰
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@wuexj @MOHUND21 thank god I gave up a long time ago
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MORMONS MISSING JESUS 2 https://t.co/svtu7Koh6a https://t.co/KEH2h2DlOL
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(Webinar) Did you ever watch Extreme Life of a Prophet: You Might Be a Prophet If ? https://t.co/BLdzmnm7kk
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@cigarmike @Rockies @Cardinals YESSSSSS... Please yessssss! Save us the misery @Rockies . God knows the cheap a… https://t.co/0mGLIlKHsX
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RT @darkskinmanson: Happy bday to the GOD @denzelcurry 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 we not worthy
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RT @GRDiocese: Statement from Bishop David J. Walkowiak in response to the Holy See’s announcement that former Archbishop #McCarrick has be…
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RT @TinaLunaDear: @DeannaZani He will always be in all Dears’ hearts. For me, he’s the 1st Operatic Pop Rock God of Music..Like to see anyo…
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RT @sonittaaa: God took his time when he made Rwandese women 😍🇷🇼 https://t.co/4u0m1DlH3n
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RT @DothTheDoth: Be the reason why church doors slam shut as you walk by.
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Why Western nations should never tolerate Islam - WND https://t.co/qciCsHg3Fr via @worldnetdaily
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RT @unscriptedmike: Jack Dorsey and REM tag-teamed to take Trump’s tweet down. Trump was pulling a rope-a-dope. He came back with God Bless…
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RT @CobianYanelli: DONT FUCKING WORK WITH KIDS IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM PERIODT! Parents don’t put their innocent babies in school for you to…
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So what’s going to replace the Off White hype for Nike??? Hoping to see more Jordan 1 collabs , I don’t think fear… https://t.co/UsEgY8ViDa
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RT @yeshua_porvida: Joel osteen is a false teacher. Benny hinn is a false teacher. Paula White is a false teacher. Ken Copeland is a false…
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RT @DineshDSouza: If God does not exist, the Victorians said, then we have to invent him. To this we now add the #JussieSmollett corollary:…
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