@espn @ESPNCFB PLEASE, for the love of God and everything scared, spare South Carolina and Kentucky fans from havin… https://t.co/pD8kwAdbZE
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RT @mxsriyatalks: i hate it when people say ‘i’m just going to leave it to Allah’ yes leave it to Allah but also work for it, you’re not me…
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@LivePdFans God bless America and f the system...lol
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RT @StocklasJames: Hello children of god! I recently won $291 Million in a lottery. With this blessed opportunity I am giving back $5000 to…
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RT @Dax_x98: See God DOES have a sense of humor 🤣 #DAX #Twitter #LMAO #BWC https://t.co/EzBNUhNwqm
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RT @AnaCabrera: Just the way God made me. Just curious, would you have asked a man the same question? https://t.co/4UjVLx8GGp
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It's Not Over Until God Says It's Over... https://t.co/qGTDqp2c2h
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RT @ltsp: Congratulations to our own Bishop Patricia Davenport https://t.co/5wZECY9EMS
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RT @noyouretrash: @Adrian_Rhoswen7 INSJFKBNHN I LOVE THIS SO GOD DANG MUCHHHH https://t.co/pwj1IZpNVi
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RT @DavidHaleESPN: Updating ACC power rankings: 1) Clemson 2) dear 3) god 4) this 5) league 6) is 7) a hot 8) mess 9) and 10) really 11) to…
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RT @CharlesMBlow: At the airport and this white guy has been yelling (at the top of his lungs!) for 20 mins, storming around and throwing f…
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RT @CLEpolice: We WON!!! —-Wait....Oh God. The free beer thing...Ok Cleveland. Stay calm. GO BROWNS!!! @Browns @budlight #CLE
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LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN .. I CANT HEAR YOU 😂🖤 https://t.co/C11o9AkaYa
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RT @EWErickson: The reason Republicans are standing with Kavanaugh is because we know he is innocent and we know the Dems would falsely acc…
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RT @JoeNBC: Thankfully there are a few spiritual leaders left calling out the spiritual rot that has gutted the evangelical movement in the…
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Hey @FOX6Hardison, got all your blue shirts ready for church tomorrow?
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RT @realDonaldTrump: GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.! https://t.co/n9OkDlqz11
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RT @TopRopeTravis: GOP on Bill Cosby: Thank god they finally got him 35 years later. GOP on the Catholic Church: Thank god they’re finally…
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RT @ESPNChiCubs: My god, Gore can fly . 6-3
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