RT @NetworksManager: No #American flag among "protesters" folks R U WAKING UP now? 1400yr enemy #islam is in the gates FIGHT or die.#MAGA h…
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RT @KingHenry_2: #TitanUp Jeremiah 29:11 , God Bless .
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RT @TexasHumor: God bless Texas.
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RT @AllGlory2Him: Peace is not the absence of affliction, but the presence of God.
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RT @TexasHumor: God bless Texas.
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RT @KrisAn_Dizon: Keep God in the center... You will weather any storm ❤️🍃 #ALDUBHBDBossing #MAICHARDTrulyBlessed https://t.co/Mb8G3so7rx
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“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13 KJV https://t.co/2bDc6zT5rE
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RT @SisPol: #MCGIWeAreGrateful: Thanks be to God for His great love for mankind. <3
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RT @KingHenry_2: #TitanUp Jeremiah 29:11 , God Bless .
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@thereal_Mikeila where that text!! 🤔
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@BFSEsq hahaha amen to that! https://t.co/Dp5MEfHnVO
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RT @biz_eMom: Speak Lord, for your servant is listening. . To do your will O God is my delight 🙏❤🌹 #Catholic #FridayFeeling https://t.co/BZ…
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RT @airstream52: @WWERomanReigns get some rest CHAMP for Sunday. Your EMPIRE is with you. Hit Hard, Hit Often and prove the booer wrong. Go…
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Oh god https://t.co/zlRxp9C8yz
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RT @dooleyfunny: Muslim kids be like 👳🏻👳🏿👳🏾👳🏽 http://t.co/S5ww2ueS8x
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RT @JoyceMeyer: We’re all growing. We’re all coming along, and God is not mad if we’ve not yet arrived.
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God blees filters don't see my drink effect XDD https://t.co/ce5bBCq4CN
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Dwyane Wade is the clutchest nigga of life. Jesus.
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RT @Secret_Church: “This is good news for the Hindu: you can know God now and you can be saved forever.” – @plattdavid #SC16
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