Ya Allah tunjuki kami jalan yg lurus, jalan yg penuh dg rahmat & brkah-Mu, jalan yg ditmpuh para Nabi, para Rasul, para Shalihin & shadiqin.
2 minutes ago by Dzikirullaah
RT @RVPROJ3CT: Got a good nap thank god I was so tired today after yesterday!
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Drake ~ 6 God octobersveryown http://t.co/ZWDQU9Goi5 on #SoundCloud
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Off to Church. 👆🙏
2 minutes ago by Rh0yzanity
2 minutes ago by xMxRZxHRxN_
There are a lot of miserable, spiteful old people who think they're saved because they go to Church every Sunday.
2 minutes ago by ashotofjakeila
Just as quick as God can bless you with something he can take it away!
2 minutes ago by Fckitimyoung_
Charles Capps is teaching on The Kingdom of God, Part 5 now on Healing Radio http://t.co/lBL52CvPQL #Healing #Gospel
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Amen! ♡ http://t.co/xTHsTKJlM4
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RT @nlglobbies: @OhYumyNasLen God bless you ☝
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RT @Logic301: God is Great! Peace, Love and Positivity. #UnderPressure
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GOD Promises To Take Care Of Us And Supply All Our Needs From His Glorious Riches… http://t.co/p630cVarPa
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http://t.co/SHGSzZ319S Вот это мне и нужно сейчас перетерпеть.
2 minutes ago by RKorolev35
RT @metroadlib: and fly to the goddamned congo..... w/an unrolled poster of eric sermon...... talkin' 'bout, "how much to make me look like…
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{هو الذي ينزل على عبده آيات بينات ليخرجكم من الظلمات إلى النور وإن الله بكم لرءوف رحيم} [الحديد:9] http://t.co/iXXC4IPE0z
2 minutes ago by 18Amj
{أم نجعل الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات كالمفسدين في الأرض أم نجعل المتقين كالفجار} [ص:28] http://t.co/zsekjQqH6w
2 minutes ago by roba669
On the way to Church :) :) http://t.co/pg1wGYilWb
2 minutes ago by java_xxx212
"Stwike 3! You'we out!" "Coach! You're a coach not an umpire! WE'RE A FOOTBALL TEAM!" "WAAAAAAAHH YOU HATE ME!!" "jesus, coach."
2 minutes ago by TimothyPlatt
@KT_Shamim e.g. what is my punishment for not believing in Allah? Worse than angering my parents I would assume. Or am I wrong?
2 minutes ago by KevHegarty
ben bilmem Allah bilir ^^
2 minutes ago by morfavv