RT @Education4Libs: I didn’t vote for Trump because he was a morally perfect person. I voted for him because he has the BALLS to do what is…
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@karencalderon00 @Deborah22222750 Even though the rejection of Jesus brought salvstion to human beings 2000 years a… https://t.co/Y7PNY1Hbsj
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RT @MsBri256: When you want something bad enough, YOU GO FOR IT! This year, it’s all about doing what’s best for Bri & staking my claim on…
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I disagree with the concept, opinion out there, that the 2nd Amendment is superior to reason, logic and even to hum… https://t.co/Zs9JDEOyld
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God dammit Leafs, dig deep and force these fuckin Bruins to get on a plane and come back to T dot for game 6. #tmltalk
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Paula Patton can’t act worth shit. She’s great to look at but my god. She’s pulling her face and calling it acting.… https://t.co/ZHHEfuqdjU
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RT @robreiner: Any person who pretends to be someone he isn’t and calls reporters and tells them bald faced lies about his sexual prowess o…
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Thank GOD I love him https://t.co/h44Rsgt2qP
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RT @DErmold: When my husband and I were denied a marriage license for the third time by Kim Davis, I asked, "On whose authority?" She rep…
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RT @gifdsports: My God Charlo straight up destroyed Centeno https://t.co/LJi9JrMrB1
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RT @The_UnSilent_: The 3rd Antichrist will corrupt Christianity. He will distort Islam. He will study & emulate The 2nd Antichrist (Hitler)…
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RT @VanessaRamzieh: I swear to god if that fucking eye opens tonight, RIP every single last one of us clickies.
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Good evening family and friends, I am competing in my school’s very First Miss Black and Gold pageant. Please take… https://t.co/WQAO02A90n
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@truth_vs_lies07 @30STACKSBBK @LouisFarrakhan Nasty Messiah...Lol
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RT @JBurtonXP: UK police are too busy jailing citizens for mean tweets, performing "weapon sweeps" on gardening implements, and covering up…
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Totally Gospel 100.3 FM / 1120 AM #RevJamesMoore - Endow Me Listen Now! https://t.co/3cjvm6rxiu
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RT @The_UnSilent_: The 3rd Antichrist will corrupt Christianity. He will distort Islam. He will study & emulate The 2nd Antichrist (Hitler)…
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RT @ShowtimeBoxing: .@gervontaa becomes a two-time world champion as he defeats Jesus Cuellar via TKO in round 3. #DavisCuellar https://t.c…
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RT @ABCPolitics: Former first lady Barbara Bush is brought from St. Martin's Episcopal Church, preparing for the procession to the George B…
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RT @IyanlaVanzant: There are some things that you need only discuss with God.
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