"I should have prayed to the gods for luck" "how lucky can they be? They are dead". God I'm so lame watching Mulan on a Friday #judgeme
53 minutes ago by DrewFalls1
I ❀️ Mater 🚜☺️😁 (Jesus)
53 minutes ago by LindsayLou_Who
Happy birthday to my best friend. I love her so goddam much @Harleighnikel
54 minutes ago by lanie_bible
@borayson say yes to God
57 minutes ago by Bray_Phil
Jesus. The Bulls suck almost as much as the Bears!
58 minutes ago by BlikeR0G08
God's throwin' us bullets & every dodged one is a step further πŸ’ͺ
59 minutes ago by izzy_keller
@Knighter01 amen
1 hour ago by armond_ealey
Not setting an alarm for the morning is one of the best feelings. Thank God for weekends.
1 hour ago by alexanacarter
I swear to Jesus if madison brown doesn't stop snoring I'm gonna throw her out a window
1 hour ago by shichaela_mupe
God's throwin' us bullets & every dodged one is a step closer πŸ’ͺ
1 hour ago by izzy_keller
@muscle_god but like its a campaign to stop domestic abuse so
1 hour ago by shaeferelaiine
Oh god! β™‘ http://t.co/9f7A4nkAH6
1 hour ago by Danny_Rieke
Seriously God you are just sooooooo amazing 😍😍😍😍
1 hour ago by YuberMonsalve9
Thanking god for everything goods, and badsπŸ’―πŸ™ #day by day to see a better day
1 hour ago by Amarie_222
I guess God had a bigger plan for you up in heaven. RIP you'll be missed! Praying for you're family through this hard time! #Pray4Jack
1 hour ago by kendrahoghaug
@kaseandpoint @littonkitten1 OH MY GOD!!! *gun cock* *gun shot* *air raid siren* *bass drop*
1 hour ago by actionanderson
Graduated from CLS class Wrote my sermon Vacuumed the house Washed the dishes Did the laundry Made myself dinner #allinadayswork
1 hour ago by JamesAbell515
Good god
1 hour ago by TheycallmeKale
Dr @neiltyson reading from The Book of Carl is my church. #rockstar
1 hour ago by HollyShellner
Last night my Grandpa who is very sick told me to read Galatians 2:20 in my Bible and it really stuck with me. Thanks Grandpa
1 hour ago by kenny_yetter