RT @11Bahner: It's 1am, Kelly is in next to me in bed in just underwear and we're watching a show about the Bible
14 minutes ago by KellyBeil_97
RT @D3NVUR: I pray that God heals, calms, and restores peace of mind to those who are hurting..
14 minutes ago by famous_shad
15 minutes ago by PrechtRichard
@Hec8956 haven't done that in 3 years. Hallelujah
15 minutes ago by NateOrsini
RT @nationdivided: This hit pretty close to home, less than 10 miles to be exact. Prayers going out to the officers! May God be with them a…
15 minutes ago by MiekeBush
why do i get severe bronchitis every single fucking year? Why God
15 minutes ago by reaghanhunt
RT @vitaminNE_: y'all girls b jealous and spiteful asf. y'all need god
15 minutes ago by PrttyBrownEyes_
Playing a Hocus Pocus drinking game oh my god
16 minutes ago by fvckmarz_
God's plan for me is a million times greater than what I have planned for myself, so why do I spend so much time stressing?
16 minutes ago by christian__romo
Someone left all of this for free on my street and now I believe in God https://t.co/Nv6B6oAHUc
16 minutes ago by Vsang24
Thank God for Amazon 🙏🏼🙌🏼
16 minutes ago by Johno9c
RT @B_is_loveLEIGH: so glad i have a loving God who doesn't judge me based on the things i've done & loves me unconditionally when i deserv…
17 minutes ago by cay_cash
god is the greatest
17 minutes ago by SunnyxSv
On God I be worryin about so much shit 😳😳
19 minutes ago by _baby_gotback
RT @vitaminNE_: y'all girls b jealous and spiteful asf. y'all need god
19 minutes ago by Og_Zhee
RT @Show_2ime: God said be patient🙌🏾
20 minutes ago by myy_secret
RT @SKennedyy12: Dear God, Please keep nightmares away from me. I can't handle them. Sincerely, A sleep deprived girl with mood swings.
20 minutes ago by Baileyy_Cherub
“Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.” #wordsofJesus https://t.co/86cftBdGsg
21 minutes ago by wadeallen1972
If you got Love, Life, God, Family, Money, and Happiness... be grateful bc there's a lot of people who don't have any of those things.😞
21 minutes ago by jonski37
oh my god 😳 https://t.co/cONtre8lYM
21 minutes ago by Ayeeedirty30